Jennas All-Important Soap Shaker Dishwashing Technique!

1. Partially fill your sink with hot water and  shake your soap! 
* Ensure your water is very hot and don’t use too much soap

 * A lot of tap water in NZ is now governed at low 45-55 degrees Celsius to avoid accidental burns. Soap struggles at this low temperature.

*When I do the dishes, I pour a boiled jug over my Soap Shaker.  

 *You only need a few shakes of your shaker, or hold it under the hot stream of water for less than 10 seconds. Surprisingly, less is best when it comes to using soap.

* Don’t chase bubbles!  Natural soaps don’t have lots of chemical surfactants – the thing that makes bubbles. Your dishes are clean without bubbles, using a mix of soap and very hot water. This is the most major cause of oversoapping, which leads to greasiness.

 2. Ensure you have rinsed your dishes, scraping off excess food etc. If food is particularly baked on or you haven’t pre-rinsed – soak them, then remove from water, change water and then wash in clean soapy water.

 3. Order your dishes -I begin with Glasses, followed by other Cups, Followed by plates. I have a tiny stream of fresh hot water running into my 1/3 filled sink to rinse the Soapy dishes under before I place them in the dishrack.

I like to wash the cups, and put the plates in to soak a little.  Ill dry and put away the cups and then wash the plates.  Ill pop the cutlery in to soak, while I dry and put away the plates. And so forth.

 4. If I see the water getting too dirty, I will let the sink out and carry on with my pots etc with fresh hot water and soap.

5. I always dry dishes straight away with a clean tea towel to remove any soapy water residue.

- If left, this soap residue, when cooled down, will form a greasy layer, so best to remove excess soapy water while it is still hot.

 Remember – the key things are: 

Having great brushes and scrubbers is also key, Sisal Fibre Scouring pads are fabulous.

Know your water – In NZ we have a variety of water types varying from very hard to very soft.  Hard water struggles with Soap but Sunlight, available from supermarkets, is known to work well with Hard Water. Soap Shakers NZ Soaps work best with Soft water. In most cases, finding out about your water is a case of trial and error with different dishsoaps.

Hopefully this is helpful!
Lots of Love Jenna